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Metacrylic acid esters

  • Stearyl methylacrylate
Stearyl methylacrylate

Stearyl methylacrylate

  • Abbreviation:SMA
  • CAS No:32360-05-7
  • Purity: 97%
  • EC No. 251-013-5
  • Product description: Stearyl methylacrylate is a kind of long chain polymerizable acrylate monomer with good water resistance and oil affinity.

Stearyl methylacrylate

Synonyms:Octadecyl methacrylate

    CAS No.                     32360-05-7  

    EINECS No.                251-013-5     
    MF                            C22H42O2 
Quality standard 
    Purity                        min. 97.0%  
    Acid content               max.0.5% 
    Watercontent             max.0.3% 
    Color                         max.100 (Pt-Co) 
    Stabilization               200±5 ppm MEHQ (HPLC) 
physical data 
    Appearance               clear liquid.  
    Odor                         ester-like 
    Molecular weight        338.57 g/mol 
    Density                      0.864 g/cm3 (20℃) 
    Refractive index          n20/D 1.451(lit.) 
    Boiling point               195 °C6 mm Hg(lit.) 
    Flash point                 230 °F 
Principal Use 
Stearyl methylacrylate Can be used for printing ink, coating, adhesive, textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, especially suitable for the acrylic resin series, textile warp size synthesis. 
Plastic drums or stainless steel tank,100kg net weight. 
Transportation and Storage 
Photosensitive, avoid light preservation.Avoid shine rain and high temperature in transportation.Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.6 months from date of delivery at a maximum storage temperature of 30℃. 


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